Breedlove Solo C350 (Deep Atlas)

The Breedlove is some nice piece of wood. It got a warm soft tone and a long sustain. The gap between treble and bass is very big, it does the range of tones seem huge and let the artist create nice adorable melodies.
One special about this guitar, it has a monitor hole at the top rib. The player got no time displacement of the sound which is (especially bass) much sincere.
One more thing I love about this guitar is the fit system for the strings. It is the same that’s used for most “Ovation”-guitars. Faster in use as the usual system and more stable in sound.


Behringer Ultracoustic ACX 450

Awesome amp if you don’t have to fill a huge area with music. This acoustic-amp has all nessecary functions for a fingerstylist. Bass, Treble and effects are adjustable from delay to reverb. Vernier adjustment is possible and if you want to sing along (what I sometimes intend to do), just plug in another microphone using an independant slot. Amazing.