Good morning Ladies and Gentleman!
There will be a lot new gigs in december, january and february. Just click the link for a complete listing.


I hope to see you there!
Sincerely, James


Thanks Mannheim for having me last sunday. I would appreciate to give another concert soon =).



My friends of SPH Bandcontest just released this nice review from the initial round at the Elfer Frankfurt. Thanks a lot! Too bad I can’t take part this year anymore due to insufficient time.

Follow this link for the full review: SPH-Review ElferKlub 13.04.2018


There’s a new video to my brand new song called “Eternal”. I hope you can enjoy this tune. Lean back and relax.


A few weeks ago I won the Emergenza Bandcontest in Marburg. Tomorrow will be the Semifinal at the Location “Nachtleben” in Frankfurt. If you want to support my music, come around.

Tickets: 10,-
Doors: 6:00 pm


It was a very nice evening at the EFG Gießen. It was an honor to play this concert in front of around 70 auditors. Thanks also to Fujio for his wonderful drawing!
IMAG1685 IMG-20180211-WA0010


My new album “Life” is out now! You can listen to it at different platforms like Amazon, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify and many more. If you want to purchase the digital version of the album, just write a mail to: james.partoir (@) gmail.com

And here is the official video of the title track “Life”.

Check out the music of a fingerstyle friend of canada. His song “Two By Two” is an amazing tune. I think you will enjoy it as much as I do.

My first and only fingerstyle arrangement is finally done. It’s the Beatles song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Enjoy!

Save the date for the 17.06.17  as the “SPH Bandcontest” continues at the Circus Maximus in Koblenz. Four other bands and me will fill this evening with all kinds of music and I’m happy about each and everyone who will take the stage with us!

Thanks to the SPH Bandcontest for being part of it. It was a nice show last saturday in Koblenz at the Circus Maximus. I managed to reach the 3rd place out of five and I’m in for the next round so please stay tuned for more info about the contest. Also thanks to Apothic, Bananaslugs, Peter Babnik and Talk About Tomorrow.



On the 13.05.17 I will take part at the SPH Bandcontest in Koblenz/Germany. If you want to come around you can buy a ticket by writing a mail (james.partoir @ gmail.com) or just visit the homepage of the SPH Bandcontest (7,- for a ticket).

It would be an honor for me to see you around and please please please do some promotion for this event!
Well, IF you take part you will get a free copy of my soon coming album “Life”, so grab it!


The recordings of my coming album “Life” are done! It was an honor to record it with Sebastian Pioch.
Stay tuned for more info and pictures and if you want to pre-order a CD, shout it =).


High end professional guitar playing with just one hand is impossible? I don’t think so anymore…this reminds me of an instrumental I wrote. This guy is “The Possibility Of Impossibility”.

Andrés Godoy – SiriLupi
James Partoir – The Possibility Of Impossibility


I had a lot of fun yesterday playing some fingerstyle music at the Szenario -Kleinkunstbühne-. Thanks to Detlef Cordes for hosting this concert and also big thanks to every single person that joined the show.
Special thanks to Flo Schmidt for carrying my amp =).


I got a new instrumental for you!
This one is about new life. All over the world life is being created, continuously and it’s beautiful to watch it grow.

Thanks to “No Borders For Music” for the invitation to be a part of their project. It was fun to play the travelling guitar and good to know people out there who want to connect humanity through music. It is one of the most peaceful ways I know.


It was a beautiful evening at the Lichthaus Halle. Thanks to them and to Karo Lynn for her wonderful music. I’m sorry, I don’t have a picture of myself playing but here’s one of Karo =D.

See you on Friday 17.03.17 at the Szenario -Kleinkunstbühne- in Marburg (an der Lahn). It will be a lot of Instrumental Fingerstyle Playing and a smooth atmosphere.
Come around!


Thanks to all supporting me and all the poetry-slammer on 27.02.17 at the “SoulFoodLesebühne”. To me it was a calm, smooth and relaxing evening. I enjoyed it a lot to share my music with you and have different conversation with some of you. Also thanks to all the poetry!

Next time I will play at the “Lichthaus” in Halle (an der Saale) on the 11.03.17.