James Partoir is a German Fingerstlye guitarist and composer from Marburg, Germany.

Besides learning the drums as his main instrument, the 28 year old also learnt to play the flute, saxophone, marimba and other percussion. He gained a growing interest in playing guitar and after initially doing covers of instrumental pieces by finger style guitarists such as Isato Nakagawa (concert guitar), he deepened his passion for the western guitar.

Inspired by artists such as Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, Trevor Gordon Hall and Tommy Emmanuel, James has been writing his own songs using Finger picking style since 2012.
The melodic songs with percussive elements tell a tale of nature’s beauty and humanity. Sometimes playful, sometimes energetic, the music is always rhythmically dynamic and above all surprising delicate.

Through all this James proves that you don’t always need vocals to be expressive.